15 June 2012


Hye Assalamualaikum darls outhere...

Today..this beautiful malam Jumaat, me myself had already officially change my  blog's name..why??why must i do that??did someone forced me??did someone put a knife at my neck and said"hey you girl!!please stop being on a cloud your eyes yourself..'did someone??

it's a  NO!!

it's aku yang nak's like..
'wow i am me..'
'like aku ada own name kot..''s officially changed from cik haty incik jiwa to Nabyla Ahmad.
it's kinda being myself again and swear to God i felt much relief..much better..
im not being gediks by using the 'too lovingly couple's nickname' after all..
i am using my own name which is my last name from Noor H******** Nabila Ahmad..
but the spelling??why nabYla??not Nabila??

like incik jiwa had said to me before..
'bajet omputih letteuw??'

ada aku kisah??i am me..i have own right to choose whatever i like,right?

to whom outhere...
'aku ada...kau ada??'

thats all for today..a short entry from me just to let uollz outhere tahu..itteuw ajjjew..

a piece of word from the girl above
see yaa..

Thanks For Reading!! Do Leave Your Comment If uollz Feel So!! ;]

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